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Working with Crystals

Working with crystals can be compared to working with human beings. Depending on the work needed, we will choose someone competent for the task. It seems obvious to hire a Mason to build a house instead of a Chef Cook for example. Exactly as crystals, we realize that some of us (humans) are naturally good at building, drawing, counting, cooking, etc.. Sometimes it comes “naturally” other times we need training to be good at what we do. Crystals are the same, sometimes they are naturally good at something, other times, we can train them for what we need. Now you understand that different crystals will have different purposes and properties. But you have to understand that the same crystals might have different effects on us too. Exactly as humans, we realize that 2 persons specialized in accounting might work differently or maybe you prefer to work with one than another. It is important to consider that 2 crystals Amethyst for example, might affect you differently. Feelings are very important with “crystal relationships”. Exactly as feelings are important in human relationships. This is how couples are created, we don’t really know why but we prefer to be one than another, it is called feelings. For crystals it is the same, we will have different feelings with one and another. Another important thing to understand is no miracle crystal will fix everything in you. We have to consider crystals as a good friend that will guide/support you and give you a little boost when it is needed.

How to Choose a Crystal?

There are actually 3 ways you can choose a crystal: - Using “logic” and method After research, you determine that it is this kind of crystal you need so you just have to go to a crystal shop or order online and it is done. Let's say you want to find a crystal to relax yourself, you read or heard that Amethyst is good for that so you give a try to Amethyst. It is that simple. - Using feelings You know how feeling works, maybe you know or not what you need or feel but you decide to go to a crystal shop or browse online and after a while you feel attracted by a particular crystal and you decide to get it for you. It is that simple too. - Using a mix the above ways After research, you determine that it is this kind of crystal you need so you decide to go shopping and at the shop, maybe you feel very attracted to a particular one, or maybe you bought half the store as you feel great doing so. It is that simple. You have to understand that it is difficult to do wrong with crystals and except for a few radioactive crystals, no crystal will harm you.

Use of Crystal

Crystals have been used for eons in many different fields such as beauty, healing, technology,etc... Crystals are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. Here below is a list of the most common uses of crystals. Beauty: Crystals are mostly used for jewelry and beauty. You just have to look at their beauty to be charmed. Crystals were the base of jewelry, ancient people wanted to find a way to wear and show crystals, so they attached crystals with copper pieces and jewelry was born. Crystals are used in cosmetics as a powder too. Pros: For jewelry, it enhances the beauty of the stone and the wearer. Having stones close to you like this is very good for healing, balancing and protection purposes. Cons: Most of the crystal is destroyed to produce a perfect shaped gem for jewelry. The price of the stone becomes very expensive when it is transformed into jewels. Technology: Crystals, especially quartz have been used in technology since the beginning of technology. Almost all our technology is based on crystals. Consider watches, for example, most of them were working a Quartz inside. All radios are made with quartz inside to capture the radio frequencies. All hard drives are made out of crystals to store data. Healing: Crystals are very effective in healing and balancing. As crystals are pure/ constant energy/vibration, it affects us when it is around us. Crystals can be used as they are just by wearing it or being near it. A healer dealing with energy can use a crystal to direct and enhance his/her power. Considered as “witchcraft” before it starts to be accepted and different cultures and open-minded people. Crystals are known for balancing the chakras thus start a healing process in the physical body. Pros: A large variety of crystals are available with different healing purposes. It is accessible for all without a big risk of doing wrong. Cons: Difficult to scientifically prove the results. If not used right, the stone might not have the desired effects or the crystal can be damaged. Environment: Crystals can be used to affect the environment in many different ways. Some crystals are famous to protect from negative energies and frequencies like phones, wifi, microwave, etc... Some people bury crystals in their land or under phone towers or to protect against the negative effects of those frequencies. Others will drop crystals in lakes and rivers to clear and cleanse the water. You can create a crystal grid for your house, land or even community and bring good energy to the area. Pros: Little actions like those mentioned can have a real impact on the environment if enough people are doing in their community. Cons: Not enough people yet doing it! But every year more and more are doing so. Alternative medicine: Crystals are known to affect its environment, especially affect water and can be used to create medicine via elixirs. For long time, people from different countries and cultures have mixed crystals with water to create elixirs and remedies. It is a gentle but efficient way to treat ourselves, it is never wrong to drink water. Pros: Very easy to do and to benefit, elixirs are a great way to treat ourselves Cons: If not well conserved, water can stagnate quickly and be undrinkable. Meditation and mental focus: Crystals are great for meditation and mental focus. People use crystals to relax and enter another state of consciousness just by holding a crystal during meditation, others use crystals for study and boost their memory. Some crystals are very efficient on the third eye chakra which allows visions, intuitions and clairvoyance. Pros: It is all benefit and you cannot do wrong Cons: Read the previous sentence. Guiding: Crystals can be great use when you need guidance or you have unsolved questions. Using a pendulum for example you can get many answers to your questions. It is usually a yes/no question but pendulums can have many functions too and have been used to find water sources for a long time. We all have seen this picture in Hollywood movies of a fortune teller looking at a crystal ball. This is a bit too much but the concept is there and many people have seen paths looking at crystals. Pros: It is fun to try and very easy to results using a pendulum for example Cons: It is difficult to scientifically prove it works so use it at your own risks.

7 Simple Methods to Clean and Charge Your Crystal

All crystals from #BaanReiki are already cleansed and "reprogrammed" to their original states. We "Reiki" all crystal to give extra power. They are placed in a cotton bag to protect them. After you receive your jewelry, you can use it right away or program it on your own. 7 Simple Methods to Clean and Charge Your Crystal: 1 Visualization - asking your crystals to clean themselves and restore energy to the original state.
2 Water - passing your crystal under running water, knowing that some stone and material are not water-friendly.
3 Sunlight - exposing them to the morning sunlight to clean and recharge.
4 Moonlight - place your crystal under the full-moon light to clean and recharge.
5 Earth - you can bury your crystal in the soil, plant pot, rice pot for a few hours.
6 Using clear quartz, selenite, or kyanite. Place your crystal on or nearby the quartz crystal to clean and recharge.
7 Using sounds - this method can clean and charge many crystals at the same time. You can find crystal cleansing music you like from youtube. =================== How to protect your Silver: The oxidation of silver comes from "air" exposure. It is important to keep your silver out of the air. All our jewelry comes with a bag to protect against oxidation. How to Clean Silver: Use a polished towel, rub gently on the silver. Note that if you wear your jewelry daily it helps to keep your silver clear. On the other side, some people with more acid skin will tarnish the silver faster. Enjoy your crystal...

How to Programming Your Crystal?

You have to know that everything in this universe is working with strong intentions. By asking your crystal to bring or help you with any issue you have, such as physical illness, emotional and spiritual issues.
However, Crystal has its own energy properties, just cleaning them and ask them to go back to their original state will already enough to have a powerful crystal. Remember that nature is perfect by itself, and it knows who you are and what you need.

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