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Reiki is God's gift to humanity 

In the past 50 years, reiki become popular and well-known as an efficient treatment that can be applied to any health condition and illness. No one ever reported any harm from received reiki treatment, only a positive outcome. 

Reiki has no limitation to ages, sex, time & space, everyone can receive reiki and can learn to use reiki in their life. 

White Lillies

@BaanReiki we provide reiki treatment and courses.

At the center, we receive a reiki session in person for 1 hour

of relaxing and booting the whole being.

We are proud of becoming a Reiki practitioner. 

Thousands of reiki sessions we provided in the past five years for both exchange and charities. ​Since we became reiki master in 2018, we trained over 50th students worldwide for those who want to learn reiki and for those who need reiki in they life.  


God give us Reiki as our birthright ability to heals ourselves.

Have faith in yourself than wait for others to heal you. 


Reiki Energy can be received or given.

It is a very simple and gentle way to release stress, treat yourself and others. 


Receiving Reiki Energy will bring you deep relaxation 

Giving Reiki Energy is another experience as you share this divine energy with someone which is totally in accord with the "Law of One". 

Reiki Session & Course