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Healing jewelry collection by beadnic1.j

View and shop personal or gifts, handmade crystal & stone jewelry.

100% natural stone design with 92.5 sterling silver.

100% satisfaction guarantee. Worldwide shipping.

Amethyst - 8mm- Healing Stone -  bracele
Healing stone bracelet, Handmade stretched bracelet for women, men & kids.
Beaded natural stone with silver beads. Chakra, yoga & meditation stone. Beautiful fine crystals
Handmade beaded earrings with silver and natural stones. Fashion & elegant design stone earrings for women. Crystals healing & balancing
Handmade macrame stone necklace, Stone pendant with cord. Natural tumbled stone in macrame with silver design.
High vibration stone for healing. Chakra stone, Birthstone.
Macrame & Shamballa stone bracelet collection. Hand-knotted crystal with silver designs. Chick & cute for kids and teens. Beautiful, fashions & healing bracelet.
Orgonite pendant necklace, the orgone generator. EMF protection Stress release pendant. Handmade energy healing tools, Energy balancer. Body, mind, spirit healing orgonite. 
Handmade orgonite healing tools. Reiki & chakra healing crystal healing tools.
Pyramid & pocket orgonite, Plasma energy healing pen. Orgonite for balancing the space and EMF protection.

Shop wholesale jewelry supply direct factory from Thailand. 

100% natural stone high quality beads, tumbled stone and rock.

Unique design sterling silver bead, charm, cap, spacer and more...

Genuine 92.5 sterling silver finding for handmade jewelry making. Wholesale silver findings made in Thailand, high standard silver quality. Silver buddha bead, om, dragon, spacer bead, cap bead & many more...
100% natural crystal and stone beads for jewelry making design. High quality bead size from 2 to 14 mm.  
Natural crystals & stones for decoration and healing tools. Chakra stone, tumbled, pocket stone, and raw stone 

Home Kit Crystals

7 Chakra Crystal Wands, Obelisk Energy Generator Tools, Crystal Healing Tool

7 Chakra Crystal Wands, Obelisk Energy Generator Tools, Crystal Healing Tool

Clear Quartz & Amethyst Pyramid Orgonite, Orgone Generator, Healing

Clear Quartz & Amethyst Pyramid Orgonite, Orgone Generator, Healing


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