Retreat review for the last three years


Alex Wood

from Thailand, March 2020

"Perfect sanity break"

Great place to have a calming, relaxing, peaceful, body detoxing and body awakening experience. Located in a nice village just outside hua hin. Walking distance from the beach, near a lovely mountain temple with plenty of food options nearby. Both Edouard and Nissa are wonderful people and great instructors of yoga and meditation. Experienced Reiki and ear acupuncture also, which were both fantastic. Highly recommend and likely to return. 10/10

Anne-laure Armand

from Belgium, February 2020

"Parfaite Escapade Zen!"

Le lieu, en bord de mer, loin des villes saturées, dans un petit village magnifique, où le tourisme reste à petite échelle.

L'accueil de Nisa et Edouard aux petits soins.

Les activités de yoga et de méditation qui restent accessible à tous et préparent bien au reste du voyage!


from France, January 2020

J'ai été accueilli par 2 personnes pleines de douceur et de bienveillance. Les séances de Yoga et méditation étaient super. Climat de confiance et d'apaisement durant le séjour. Je suis sortie de là du Soleil et de la serenité plein le à tête et le corps. Je recommande vivement !

Marika Poirier

from France, January 2020

"séjour ressourçant "

endroit calme et éloigné des sites touristiques. accueil excellent de la part de Nisa et Edouard qui se plient en 4 pour vous faire plaisir. cours de yoga personnalisés différents à chaque étape de la journée.3 professeurs différents avec des méthodes différentes.Nisa prend plaisir à nous faire découvrir son pays et ses spécialités culinaires.programme perte de poids, alimentation saine et équilibrée accompagnée des conseils avisés de Nisa.

Séances de Reiki, acupuncture, lampe infrarouge, ventouses tout est là pour vous aider dans votre parcours. séances de méditations adaptées à chacun.

Lolita Laheux

from France, January 2020

"Très. Elle expérience physique et mentale à travers le yoga,"

Le rythme de vie m a particulièrement plu rythme pas le homemade jus du matin avant le yoga sur le toit, l excellent petit déjeuner pris avec nissa et Edouard durant lequel les échanges sont joyeux et léger

Le yoga de l après midi (hastanga yoga)donne par O une experte en la matière!

Le dinner composé essentiellement de fruits, qui alimente le corps sans l alourdir

Enfin, la séance de méditation qui clos la journée paisiblement

Et prépare a une nuit sereine

Ayako Kawata

from Thailand, September 2019

"A must-go to recharge yourself"

As soon as I reach there, I felt a very pleasant, clear and calm energy there, and that feeling not only remain but also increased as I spent more days there!

The facility is super clean, I mean, its really clean and neat. It is better than the photos on this site. So, whoever concern about the cleanness of the place you stay, you don't need to worry about anything here.

And the people:) Both Nissa and Edourad are so welcoming and engaging but not pushy, knowledgable and experienced in their field yet very humble.

Whoever is looking for a thing to introduce to your life to be and feel healthier, more balanced, more energized, this is the place you can find the thing:)

Sunil Samtani

from Singapore, May 2019

"Relaxing Poses and Detox"

Nice short getaway from the city and crowded beaches . Friendly and Spiritual atmosphere . Healthy & tasty breakfast and dinner. Great Detox in the early Morning with juice and Sun salutations

Alexander Westlund

from Sweden, October 2019

"Best retreat and people"

Edouard and Nissa was very kind and helpful with a lot of knowledge and skills in both reiki and spirituality. Big hearts and a very nice home.


from Hong Kong, May 2019

"An beach village oasis "

Edouard and Nisa has been very responsive and flexible with the pre arrival communication, including helping my driver to find their property late in the evening.

The center is situated within a charming village close by a quiet clean beach - a nice getaway from the hectic and frenzy touristy Bangkok and Hua Hin.

Edo and Nisa have been very hospitable and generous in sharing their home and learning with the students. Their knowledge and experience to apply reiki had given me confidence to undertake Reiki level 1 and likely Reiki level 2 in the future.

The property is spotless and the dogs are friendly but demanding of massage at times.

I would recommend the center for a physical and mental recharge.

Lauren Beck

from Thailand, March 2019

"So grateful for this experience 🙏��"

Nisa and Edouard are two wonderful souls that brought sunshine (and a lot of understanding) into my life. I couldn’t have asked for better reiki masters to guide me through so many important lessons about reiki, yoga, and so much more. On top of that, they have a perfect location to disconnect from a noisy, busy life and find peace to focus on connecting with one’s higher self.

They are knowledgeable, professional, flexible, patient, and just so damn cool. I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths again! Thanks to both of them for everything 🙏🏼

Linh Vu

from United States, January 2019

"Wonderful time with wonderful people"

Edouard and Nisa are the sweetest hosts. They’re knowledgeable, sensitive, and accommodating. We had great and memorable conversations. The place was immaculate, room was clean, and program was reflective of their knowledge and ability. I came in a somewhat non-believer and left more in touch with myself and the world around me. These connections are real and Nisa, Edouard and their impacts will always be remembered. Love you two!

Delphine Poncelet

from Thailand, December 2018

"Don't hesitate!"

The retreat was really awesome. I loved that I learned a lot about lots of subjects, more than I could have dreamed of. It was really interesting.

Nissa and Edouard were super nice hosts, always available and there to help you if you need. I really happy to have spent a few days in their company!

Kevin Mcgregor

from Thailand, October 2018

"Incredibly relaxing!"

Very good weekend but there was a lot of sitting around! Very relaxing but as Nissa and Edouard are obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, my only comment would be the time inbetween sessions, after meals waiting for 'food to digest' on our own in our rooms, etc could be much more productively spent, either with more lessons, knowledge sharing, talks or reading subject materials. I think a lot more could be fit into the programme, I learnt a lot but think I could have learnt a lot more!


from Hong Kong, October 2018

"A great start to meditation "

it’s surprised that after the Reiki session, my Ménière’s Disease gone, also after 3 days class improved my sleep quality a lot.

Delphine Poncelet

from Thailand, December 2018

"An experience I will never forget ✔️"

An experience for personal reasons. Very homely, safe, and comfortable. Both made me feel very welcome And very knowledgeable. My body went thru extreme detox and it has been a life changing experience. Highly recommend to make changes mentally, physically and or spiritually. Thank you very much.

Annie Andersen

from Thailand, September 2018

I felt very safe and taken care of! I came there with a tired soul and no expectations. Now I got the tools that I need to find my way back. Other from that I or they somehow got my headache to disappear. And I've had my headaches for over 15 years. I've tried all types of therapy without any results. Today, almost 1 month after checking out I haven't had a single day with a headache. So from 6 days of headaches per week to non is pretty amazing if you ask me :D

Go and get your soul fixed, what ever your problem is.

Miwa Uchida

from Japan, August 2018

"Quiet, peaceful and relaxing weekend"

There was a peaceful and positive energy. It was very helpful to balance my mind and body.Yoga in the terrace was very very refreshing and happy moment.

I had 2 other people who join the same programme but we could get on well. When we left, we good luck each other and happily say good bye.It was wonderful.

I like how Nissa and Edouard treated us not only the each session but also food and atmosphere. The way they speak and discussed with us was always peaceful.

Luca Rossi

from Laos, July 2018

"Very nice retreat!"

Edouard and Nissa are absolutely lovely. Interesting retreat with a lot of useful and challenging information. I expected more meditation and yoga but i was very happy with the retreat anyway!

Holly Stephens

from Oman, July 2018

"A very spiritual place to explore."

Immediately Edouard and Nissa were unbelievably welcoming and created a homely environment. They were kind, friendly and passionate, knowing exactly when to allow me time to reflect and rest and when to practice. They were flexible with the program to suit my needs and interests (including more meditation at my request as this is what I was most interested in). They were both incredibly knowledgeable in their fields and aware of being patient to ensure I understood new concepts such as the chakras which I hadn’t understood before. I feel they genuinely cared in my journey and experience and were just as excited as me when I saw progress. For those who have little experience with the reiki healing, this is a must. It’s well explained, kindly and carefully conducted and this created a healing atmosphere throughout.

I had a fantastic time in a very short period of just a few days. Nissa explained Thai culture and spiritualism to help me both enjoy the fantastic food (really special- street food had nothing on this!) and Thailand’s complex culture. Edouard was funny, kind and used great analogies to paint understanding- a great teacher. Thank you both for an excellent experience, I’d recommend this to anyone exploring spiritualism and balance.

Manami Gares

from Indonesia, July 2018

"Perfect eye opener"

Nissa and Edouard are passionate about what they do. They worked really hard to make our experience better than we expected.The moment we arrived, we filled up a form where we pointed out what we wanted to work on and we had a little chat about what the program would be like.

My husband is new to yoga. And this program was perfect to get the "party started". Every morning we had a beautiful yoga class before breakfast. And the poses where adapted to our level and to the parts of the body we wanted to work on the most. It was a great eye opener for many aspects of life that we ignored.

We learned a lot about the power of crystals and stones, about body types and what foods work the best for our types and many other fascinating topics. They are both very knowledgeable.

We also got Reiki sessions and hypnotherapy. Both were really nice and we got a lot out of it.

So much so that we decided to extend our stay and take a Reiki class.

We also loved the food and the accommodation. Simple and healthy.

But above all, we loved getting to know Nissa and Edouard. They are beautiful people!

Madelene Nel

from South Africa, June 2018

"Life changing"

Edouard and Nisa are not only excellent teachers but also wonderful hosts. This was our first retreat of any sort and they were very attentive and sensitive to our needs. I would definitely recommend a visit with these two amazing human beings.

Zhang Lucia

from China, June 2018

"Eye opening experience "

The hosts are very kind and patient and are very knowledgeable on what they do.

Serena Ho

from Hong Kong, May 2018

"Informative !"

Edouard and Nissa are knowledgeable instructors and love to share everything with us! Good food and good environment!

Thank you!

Petssie She Pei Sze

from Malaysia, May 2018

"~Nice n memorable retreat ~"

Just one word to describe, it is a retreat that is strongly recommend to everyone! Must come n try , you will not regret , trust me !

Linnea Lindberg

from Myanmar [Burma], April 2018

"Very welcoming and kind hosts!"

Both Nissa and Edouardo were great, committed and very welcoming. The sessions were very interesting and a lot food for thought, and the food was truly amazing! Thank you for showing us that it is possible for such deep relaxation in the centre of Bangkok!


from United States, October 2018

"My experience at Hypnok Retreat Center"

Getting to know Nissa and Edouard and all the knowledge acquired during the retrat. They both are very empatic, excellent teachers and make you feel home since the beginning of the stay.

The house and the rooms are clean and confortable and the food is delicious. Special mention to the lovely terrace where you do yoga in the mornings. It is located in a quiet area of Bangkok with nice neighbourhood.

At the beginning of the stay they ask you about your experience and expectations in order to adapt the program to your needs so you can take the maximum benefit out of the stay.

During the retreat they use several resources so you can learn and understand all the explanations.

The best start of my holidays in Thailand.

Leonie Fritsch

from Cambodia, August 2018

"A great weekend for body, mind and soul"

This weekend was not just about doing a hip yoga retreat but about really learning the theory and practice an energetic and healthy life in whole. Edouard and Nisa welcomed us with their great hospitality and were happy to share their knowledge with us. We learned about chakra, meditation, yoga, the power of breathing, healthy food, reiki, the energy of crystals... sometimes it was a bit challenging for our "open minds" but really really interesting. We got new ideas and concepts of living and could directly experience it on our own body - it's working...

Nisa also told us about Thai culture and the changing life she experience in her village.

Drinks and food were always delicious and the accomodation (especially the big white bed) so comfortable! It's a nice personal atmosphere but they always gave us enough time and space for ourselves.

In whole: a weekend with new insights and experiences we won't forget in a relaxed atmosphere with really nice people. Still feeling the energy.