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Welcome to Baan Reiki – it is our pleasure and purpose to serve you! Baan Reiki handmade uses high-quality materials, high vibrational crystals, and stones. Our crystals healing are made with love, care, and Reiki hands. Crystals healing become well-known and popular these years because more people know or experience the benefits of being around crystals. We invite you to check our crystal and stone collections for your personal or gifts to loved ones. Our creations are based on healing purposes, and yes, it is beautiful and fashionable for any occasions. You can own unique handmade jewelry and orgonite at our online store at ================================= Our Customers 5 star reviews on Etsy shop, high-quality products, and grate services, clients comments.Our commitment to you is to give what you order for in the highest quality and skills. Over 15 years of our handmade jewelry artisans and knowledge, and as Reiki practitioners, you can ensure and trust to buy or receive crystals from the house of oneness #BaanReiki.

Our Brand

"Baan Reiki" (house of Reiki) is our brand name. We add a sterling silver logo tag in most products produced or designed by us. The logo comes with the word "REIKI" and "Cho Ku Rei" Reiki symbol.

It is not just a brand name, but it comes with meaning and power behind them. Together, it means "bring the reiki energy "here" "now"


If you are a shop owner looking for fine crystal jewelry, you are at the right place.

We work direct with the factory in Thailand to product our beads and findings.

Our products are offering at Thai market prices which mean it cheaper to buy product directly from the source of production.

For wholesale buyer we happy to offer an extra discount once you reach the order volume.

Volume discounts rank:

$100 - $200 = 5%

apply coupon code D5

$201- $500 = 10%

apply coupon code D10

501 & Up = 15%

apply coupon code D15


You can view our products catalog and purchase online @

Payment options:

We gladly accept

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Bank to bank transfer
  • Promptpay

Cancel Your Order:

Request a cancellation within 24 hours of purchase.

I will process your cancelation and refund within 24 hours.

Shipping & Handling

We ship my crystal energies to anywhere in the world.

We can ship them to your friends or relative anywhere their leave.

The products are well packed, protected with jewelry bags or boxes.

Save delivery method with a tracking number.

We insure all shipments from #BaanReiki during transportation.

Processing Time

The jewelry made just for you; we may take a litter time to make your unique jewelry. After receiving your payment, we take 1-7 days on regular order and 2-4 weeks on the production order.

Once orders are shipped, we will send you shipping details.

Shipping charges @BaanReiki

Our shipping cost depends on the country and parcel weights;

It is calculated for every 100 grams of parcel weight. The shipping cost will show at the checkout.

Express shipping is available if you need it. You can select a shipping class at the checkout.

Estimated shipping times;

- Standard Shipping Schedule (estimated):

Thailand: 3-5 business days

Asia Pacific: 7-20 business days

Europe: 14-28 business days

Canada: 14-45 business days

North America: 14-28 business days

Latin America and the Caribbean: 14-28 business days

Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania: 14-28 business days

North Africa and the Middle East: 14-28 business days

- Express Shipping:

Worldwide: 3-8 Business days

Thailand: within two business days

I'll do my best to meet these shipping estimates by shipping out orders as quickly as I can do. I cannot guarantee that all orders will be on time, but 97% do arrive before or on time.

The actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose and the performance of the post-service in your country.

Customs and import taxes:

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

Note: all countries allow citizens to import personal goods at a certain amount


The USA allows importing goods, free of charge at $200.

The UK allows importing goods, free of charge at £39.

EU countries allow importing goods, free of charge at €22.

Contact your local custom if you like to know exactly how much you allow importing goods.

Custom | Personalized Jewelry

To personalize your jewelry

You can personalize your jewelry that fits you the most. Most jewelry designs have options to customize a stone, accessories, style, or materials.

Produce Your Design

If you are looking for someone to produce your jewelry designs, I'll be happy to work with you :-)

How to do it?

a) Send me a photo of the design you like with details for the material you would like to use.


b) Give your idea of what you like, occasion, or for which healing proposes and we will design some samples for you.

For this service, I will charge $20 for the sample fee, and it will be your credit when you purchase an item.

Guarantee & Return Policy

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your healing stone jewelry received from Baan Reiki.

I fully accept returns or exchanges of unwanted or unsatisfied product for a refund or exchange for a new design.

No Question ask, No kidding!

just contact me within 14 days after receiving your order.

The following items can't be return or exchange is;

Specials custom jewelry made just for you

A beads strand that already cut and used

How to Return Items

​Email me within 14 days after the parcel is received to inform the return.


I will reply to your email with the step on how to return. You can follow the guideline.

Ship the return as soon as possible after my confirmation for the return.

Ship with a secure method, have tracking provide is the best solution.

It is not my responsibility if the parcel is lost during return to us.

Refunds Policy

a) The refund will be effective when I receive back the parcels.

We take about 3-5 business days to process the returned product.

We will refund an amount of the goods returned (shipping & insurance are not refundable).

Return shipping cost refunded a maximum of $15

b) In the case of not receiving your order, I will investigate with the post office to find out what happens with the parcel. In this case, you can ask for another shipment of your products ordered or ask for a refund.

Privacy Policy

This policy provides information about the collection, processing, and handling of personal information and data in detail. Provide you security, protection, and rights of users of

Why we collect personal data

We collect and use the personal data of customers and users of solely for our purpose and only to the extent necessary to fulfill and process their orders and to process their requests and to improve their shopping experience.

We may collect, use, disclose, and/or process their data for several reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

- use and manage our services, website, and user account.

- enforce terms, policies, and agreements.

- provide customer services.

- contact you via email, text message, and/or internet call, email disclosure of your delivery information on delivery packages.

- conduct research, analysis, and development activities to improve our services or products and/or to enhance your experience.

-conduct marketing relating to products and/or services that we may be selling, marketing, or promoting.

- respond to or comply with legal processes as required by any applicable law, governmental or regulatory requirements.

Types of personal data we collect

​The information we collect includes:

- ​Full-name, billing address, postal address, email address, and mobile or other telephone numbers.

- On the social media platform, when you connect with us.

- Customer inquiries, comments, and repair history.

- Photographs, comments, and other content you provide.

- Personal or professional interests, date of birth, marital status, opinions, and the like.

Types of personal data we DO NOT collect

​- Your payment detail, a credit card detail. These data will be collected via a third party, like Paypal.

- your user name and password

How and when we collect personal data

Personal data about our customers is collected when they engage within any of several possible situations. These situations include;

in our stores

on our websites

using our apps

through other social media channels

at our events

through surveys

via email or text messages

on the telephone

Sharing personal data

​We do not disclose or share the personal information we collect about our customers except as described herein.

We may share personal information with service providers who perform services on our behalf based on our instructions when needed to process the contractual relationship in the context of processing orders. We do not authorize these service providers to use or disclose the information we give them except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements.

We may disclose personal information to service providers from several categories. These categories include;

shipping service providers

payment service providers

web hosting providers

IT service providers

drop shipping retailers

In all cases, we strictly adhere to the legal requirements. The amount of data shared is limited to a minimum.

If you would like to update, correct, modify, or delete any personal data you have already submitted to us, please do so by accessing and updating your profile. If you delete some or all of your data, you may not be able to use our services in the future without re-submitting that information.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on a computer's browser directory or program data subfolders.

When you visit our website, cookies will be created.

We use cookies for functionality and for making your shopping experience with us more user-friendly, effective, and secure.

Newsletters and email advertising

You can unsubscribe from the newsletters or email advertising at any time using the corresponding links in the newsletters or emails, through your customer account or by notifying us. Your email address will then be removed from the mailing lists.

Links, plugins, third-party cookies and services

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However, we do not actively send these sites any personal data.

These sites have their own set of cookies and privacy policies. We cannot be held accountable for their behavior and accepts no responsibility for these linked Web sites.

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Security of personal data

We maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to protect your personal information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure, or use.


If you wish to withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information, request access to and/or correction of your personal information; if you have any queries, comments, or concerns, or require any help on technical or cookie-related matters, please feel free to contact us.

Last updated: April, 2021

FAQ  about Jewelry

We put below some recurrent questions I got from our clients, and I hope it can help you too.

Is it handmade jewelry?

I make all the jewelry I propose in my shop. And as I have good quality stones and silver findings suppliers, I propose beads & findings to buy separately too.

Is it natural stone / crystals?

Yes, they are all natural stones / crystals. I only select natural stones, no dyed, no colored, no fake stones.

How do you know it is natural stone?

Unnatural stone will not have the coolness of the stone.

Dyed stone you will see imbalance of the color shades. Natural minerals has a fractures, once added colors, the color will go in fractures and create some color dot or color line.

In the beginning of my knowledge, I used to test them by feeling the coolness; I break and burn it to see if it is real. After 15 years of partnership with my suppliers, I trust them too when they tell me it is a natural stone. As I work with energy for healing, I am sensitive to energy from stones and I can feel if it is natural (not but it is not scientific proof).

How do you check / test a stone?

It is a bit brutal for the stone as we burn it to see if any chemical treatments then break it, to see the structure and if it is dyed. If it is an expensive precious stone, we can send them to the “lab” for testing.

Why are your products so cheap, it seems fake?

My products are cheap in general because I work directly with production factories and big stone importers in Thailand. There are no middle men between so the products are marked up only one time. The normal “road” for a product is from factory to middle men, to wholesaler, to retailer. When the last consumer buys the product, it went through 3 or 4 hands before, and everybody marks up a little more. The question you should ask is why they are so expensive ;).

What are your Silver findings made of and it is Nickel fee?

I use only 92.5% Sterling Silver; it is international standard quality for silver jewelry. All my silver findings are made in Thailand. Sterling is sometimes stamped 925 to certify that the item is made of at least 92.5% pure silver. Typically the remaining 7.5% is copper.

Sterling silver does not contain any nickel

What do you mean by “plated with pure silver”?

The 92.5 Sterling Silver has a tendency to tarnish (which is normal). But when we plate it with pure silver on top, first it is very shiny and second it slows the tarnish process. The result is Sterling Silver plated with Silver.

How long does it take to get my parcel delivered?

We use “air mail registered” with a tracking number. It is usually between 10 to 28 days depending on the location. Unfortunately, we have no power on this as we do not manage the post office. In normal condition you can expect your parcel within 15 days. However, we noticed that some countries could take more time.

What happens if my parcel is lost?

It never happened in the 15 years I ship parcels. Due to the tracking number, we always find the parcel. It happens that the parcel is delayed or the parcel returns to us but never been lost.

If that happens, please no worry, we assure your parcel. You can ask for a new shipment or full-refunds of your order.

If I don’t get my parcel in time, can you refund me?

We are really sorry for any inconvenience due to delayed delivery. We do our best to ship the parcels in time. Then, it is the post office to do their job. The shipping time delivery is given by the post itself and we have no power on this. There are only two solutions possible, either the parcel arrives at destination, sometime late. If nobody is here to receive the parcel at destination, the parcel will return to the sender. If the parcel returns to us, then we can refund you.

Do you have any guarantee on your product?

a) I fully guaranteed your satisfaction with my products; you have 30 days to inform me about the returned product. I will refund the amount of the goods returned.

b) All shipments from "Nisa Healing Jewelry" have a tracking number and insurance coverage during transportation.

c) Free reparation.

Do you propose “custom” jewelry?

If you like to custom an already made design or if you have a special design in mind, it is possible to do it. You can add or change stones and silver elements. I work directly with the silver factory so I can produce new designs for you too.

What is the production process?

First I need some guidance like a picture or an idea. If I can make it here in my shop, I will be happy to make a sample and send you some pictures. In this case you can order 1 or more pieces. If it is factory production like for silver for example, they will have to make a mold special for you, then produce a sample for your validation, then they will produce. Usually the factory will ask for 50 to 100 pieces minimum to produce, it will depend on the design.

How much does it cost to produce my own design?

The production cost is made of the mold, the sample production and the production itself. The mold cost about 30$ to produce and depending on the design and weight of the product, the price will be based on the silver price at the time of the order. It takes about four weeks to produce silver findings.

Can I engrave my logo on the silver findings?

Yes, it is possible; the factory can engrave your logo on the products. Usually they will ask for a minimum 50 pieces to produce. Either it can be done by engraving mold directly or it can be done with laser too. The price will depend on the design of your logo.

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